We have been in Vietnam since 1989.
In recent years we have become a market leader in new Glaze finishes and new concepts like, Old Stone, Atlantis, Volcanic stone. We make our own light weight cement and terrazzo, we even mill our own timber for pallet and crating production.

Our focus is to provide highest quality hand made ceramics in a variety of unique designs and colors, at a competitive price. Although our business grows and evolves every year, 4Seas Ceramics remains in close contact with all its customers and all are regarded as part of a larger family, constant feedback and comment between our customers and ourselves has helped us all and is the way we have maintained our customer base over the years.

This website is interactive if opened with a password. Our customers can order, review their accounts and track their shipments on line. If our business interests you and we can be of mutual benefit to each other please contact us for access to our price lists and to open a dialogue between us.