ATLANTIS pandora . Ap






Latest addition to the Atlantis stable is a beautiful decor textured glaze inspired by the greek goddess Pandora and a blue planet.
This glaze is similar in structure to Abalone both being a departure from the crustacea type finish of original Atlantis offering. These are both mature double fired complex glazes suitable for any situation or climate.

We proudly present two new astonishing glazes we hope you will add to your inventory. Both glazes will grace a hotel, home or commercial application, both have the timeless maturity of times past with an elegance that demands attention.
The small premium on Pandora glaze is to cover the complexity in manufacture but the result is worthwhile.

ATLANTIS abalone . AA






A complex and newly created technique by our artisan maker has produced a beautiful and compelling hue while extending our range of textured style finishes.

ATLANTIS derivative. AD

We are truly humbled by our own creation modelled on natures ravages to an ancient art form . Its importance in modern decor cannot be ignored and no decor ceramic range would be complete without it. Created as the ultimate expression of a texture finish This ever lasting recreation of the salvage from the lost city is a masterpiece not easily copied by others.

Each piece has a character of its own and unlike the the soft terracotta base popular in the ancient originals our artisans use earthenware clay fired to achieve frost resistance.

The unique finish is now earthernware not terracotta high fired unti it is frostproof . It is suitable for both hot and cold climates .







With all the best atributes of Atlantis and a base tone hinting of underlying metals and copper oxides this exciting extension to AD offers a convincing alternative.







The latest twist in the Atlantis story suggests an ageing on ancient timbers now rare or endangered like lignum vitae or ironwood, this introduction of colour is a useful decor tool.