We are proud of our achievements over the last 25 odd years, and its possibly why you choose us over others.
In the early 90′s we ‘deflowered’ the decorated Vietnamese pots’ with the introduction of the ‘rolltop’ which became an industry standard and the item code we gave it was almost universally used by makers.

Then we got the potters to take the Dragon off the water jar- a major hurdle as the local and main market wants the dragon.

European shapes and exotic glazes soon followed, we pioneered many glazes including the copper glaze and the lovely hues of swamp green.

Our next achievement was triggered by a customers request, -Old Stone- we introduced this sand blasted finish and it took on like a wildfire.

Eventually we had a major break though with the ageing technique we discovered to introduce Atlantis, this product is superb, its now waterproof and frost proof and the benchmark for good decor planters- while we are now copied we are not equalled.

This marked us as a decor house, we are focused on this direction only, our product is not for the mega stores and discount houses.Our latest additions like Atlantis Vertigris and volcanic stone plus constant refining of our range and hunger for new and beautiful product offer on-going quality options to home owners and decorators and commercial developers.

Welcome to this catalog and thank you for your participation

Rick Crandall